Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Go Figure

So my cell phone battery was losing steam. It was holding a charge for just a day (vs. 3). Then the battery was low partway through the day, and at last it died just one hour off the charger. One would think it was time for a new battery, but one would be mistaken.

As Len suspected, when he got to the store he was faced with a choice:
  • order a battery (not in stock!) for $60-70, OR
  • get a new phone for $50 (then send in for the $50 rebate).
I have a new phone. It's not especially fancy, but I still need to learn its ways. So far I've made several calls (the memory was transferred, thank goodness), but I think I've only successfully answered once. I seem to keep hitting the wrong buttons. So if I hang up on you in the near future, please don't take it personally...

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