Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Annex Update

Did I say there were fewer distractions at the schoolroom annex (playground)? I'm discovering that there are really just different ones!

Friday is a good example. In our hour and a half, we saw:
  • a big spider (almost daddy-long-leg sized, but much sturdier)
  • a stick bug (it stayed on the school table)
  • open soft eggs (snake? turtle?)
  • a pine cone on a branch
  • mushrooms
  • a fast, fuzzy, white caterpillar
Then, of course, there is the Becca distraction: "Push me!" "Come here!" "Come see this ____!" Plus the random chatter when she is coloring along with our history lesson.

It's all good, but sometimes I do want to JUST GET ON WITH IT and stop with all the interruptions. After all these years I'm starting to mellow, but STILL need to remind myself that education isn't all about checking everything off the list.

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