Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Play Time

This afternoon, when Len asked, "Where's Becca?", I realized that I hadn't seen her in a while. All her siblings were accounted for, so she wasn't with any of them. Investigation (Okay, I called and she answered.) revealed an elaborate basement scene:She'd been playing with Marianna's American Girl dolls, arranging accessories and clothes. Rebecca is GREAT at keeping herself busy: coloring, writing, dressing up, or playing in her kitchen.After putting shoes on Josephina, Rebecca climbed onto the couch, laid down, and said, "I'm pretending to be the mommy!"

Did I mention we've been staying up past our bedtimes to watch the Olympics? ;-)


Mom/Mimi said...

I especially love her last comment.
She will be a wonderful mommy, too as she has such a terrific role model!

Barbara said...

I thought it was funny that she thought lying on the couch was part of pretending to be a mommy! Wherever did she get that idea?