Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Eagle Scout

In June, shortly before his 16th birthday, we gathered to celebrate David's achievement of Eagle Scout status, the highest award in Boy Scouts. Here's a picture of the medal.

Members of his troop (and a leader from his Sea Scout ship) joined us for the short ceremony. Here's David watching his honor guard (a few carefully chosen scouting friends) approach.

Mom gets to pin on the medal, even though Dad is the one who really helped David get to this day.

A new neckerchief

Saying a few words

Party time!

Cake note: It's chocolate cake with French Buttercream. I made Lauren's cake the day before, and needed some simpler decorations, thus the ribbon border. I was going to make a replica of the award out of fondant, but Len printed a photo he found online. I mounted it on funfoam, and voila!

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