Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Eagle Scout Project

Eagle Scout is the highest rank in Boy Scouts. On the long road to that award, the scout must earn numerous merit badges, assume leadership in his troop, and organize and carry out a project that benefits his community. David's project included trash pickup, removal of invasive plant species, and planting of trees in a flood plain. He coordinated with local naturalists who provided trees and equipment, and with his troop and neighbors, who provided manpower. We cut through the sod and dug holes for the bare root trees (5 species).The cylinders protect the seedlings from animals (so many deer!). They're held in place with stakes, and will eventually biodegrade (when the trees grow big enough to pop them off).Netting was put on top to keep birds from getting trapped inside.This was near the end of the day's work last spring (2007). Several months ago Len and David went out to reinforce some stakes and leaning cylinders. We can see the area from our house, but not much seemed to be happening. Then, the morning of David's Eagle ceremony, the dog got loose and ran to the woods and the field and the creek. As I trudged after him, I found a wonderful surprise:So many growing up!These trees are just beginning to prosper. As they continue to mature, they will stabilize the soil, provide shelter for wildlife, and prevent runoff. I love having this project near enough to watch and watch over.

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