Friday, July 4, 2008

The Cost of Bottled Water

I've always been skeptical of the bottled water phenomena.

I don't understand paying a premium for the privilege of drinking from a disposable bottle (almost) the same thing that comes from my tap. We drink tap water and fill reusable bottles when we're going out. Once in a great while we'll use "store bought" for large, off-site events.

Frequently, this "special" water is just filtered tap water! The latest twist is in this story, which I read in the Washington Post (and which was later aired on NPR). It's an interesting read, enumerating the energy costs associated with shipping water around the world, often from countries that would KILL to have water as clean and cheap as what comes from our taps. And don't get me started about all those bottles... How many are really recycled? And wouldn't it be better to not have them in the first place than to recycle them, anyway?

This may sound preachy, but that's not what I'm going for. Our family composts and recycles, but as Americans, we do use more than our worldly share of resources. I just think it's an interesting story. Check out the part about glasses chosen by a sommelier!

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