Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Is It So Hard to Cook Dinner for Five People?

I'll tell you why--because I'm used to cooking for 8-10!

We had long term houseguest(s) this school year, so I became accustomed to cooking for a crowd. Some adjustment was required when we were back down to our family of eight, but I'm really off my stride with some of these summer days. When one or two are gone, I notice and miss them.

When more are missing (like the three teens for the next several days), I have to force myself to make anything "real". Somehow it doesn't seem worth the trouble for such a "small" group! Five used to be my whole family (long ago in a galaxy far, far away...), so it's amusing how much these meals throw me for a loop.

Tonight's dinner (with Len working late) will be leftovers and/or quesadillas (a popular way to use up the leftovers!). Tomorrow I'll try to be back on track.

Are your plans affected by a few missing children? How about when Dad is not home for dinner?

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Anne said...

I am so there with you! Even on the nights that just Jeremy is gone, I alter how much I fix. He does eat somewhere between 2-3 adult portions.

Also, if Mark is gone at dinner, then it is total 'kid' food and I just find something to eat...and it might just be a bowl of Cheerios!

With parts of the garden ready to be harvested, this week will be centered around what is ripe. And that means salad based dinners.

One thing I do is grill out chicken, and you have great marinades, and then eat on the intentional leftovers - in salads and in 'Mexican' type dinners.

Please post when you have put together what your plans are....