Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Virginia Voting

I don't check my calendar before walking Dusty, so I forgot that yesterday was an election day until I approached my polling place, the local elementary school. It was just a primary for our local Congressional district, so turnout was expected to be very low, giving every vote even more weight than usual.

After just a little internal debate I decided to vote right then rather than postponing until a less convenient moment. So for the second time in a row I tied Dusty outside and went to the polls pre-shower, in grungy clothes, and without my picture id. In Virginia we're supposed to present identification, but there is a provision for those who don't. I was able to sign a form certifying, essentially, that I am who I say I am. Last time the poll workers were a bit flustered by this, but yesterday all went smoothly.

Yesterday there was no one in line (did I mention low turnout?), so only 4 people got to see the unadorned morning me. Last time I ended up in line right behind one of my court neighbors (!), chatting about our daughters and colleges. He was dressed for work, as was the rest of the early morning crowd. Special...

I checked online a few minutes ago, and found out that my guy won the nomination. Hurrah!

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