Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Mother of Invention?

Now that jacket and sweatpants season is over (WAY over--in the humind 90s for days!), I have no pockets for my morning walks. I wanted a small fanny pack to carry tissues, doggy bags, and the cell phone--I really do get early calls from home. I was willing to wear a kid-sized one, but none were to be found. It was time to go to the store.

Well, I have a hard time getting out to shop, especially for myself. For example, I really want some summer "play dresses", but so far have managed just one unsuccessful 45 minute trip. After more than a week in need, I finally had a brainstorm and made my own pack by using a key ring loop to attach a small case to an old belt.
Although my diminutive model looks tres chic (Yes, she picks out her own outfits!), I'm glad this homemade pocket hides under my baggy walking shirt. ;-)

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