Sunday, June 22, 2008

Making Memories

As Anne and I exchanged First Holy Communion visits, we realized anew that our daughters are two peas in a pod. So when she and Mark came to VA for a wedding weekend, they brought Emma along to stay with us.

We all had a great time! The girls hit it off right away. They stayed busy, busy, busy. In fact, whenever her mom called to check in, Emma was off somewhere--at the creek, on a hike, etc. We also spent time at the pool, hunting fireflies, and playing games. I had the pleasure of taking just the two of them to Mass on Saturday night, where my daughter struggled mightily (been there, done that!) to stay awake on the third exciting day of the visit.
Len took the girls and Dusty on a hike at Walney Pond. They're posing above in front of the rootball of an overturned tree.
We played several games of "Sorry" on our final night. It was perfect for the end of so many tiring days--a tiny bit of strategy and a lot of luck meant that winning and losing were both fun. Notice how many bodies are in the picture; Emma's cheerful exuberance drew everyone to her, not just Marianna. Rebecca shadowed them as much as they would allow, and the boys enjoyed laughing, teasing, and playing with her. In the car, Daniel looked back and remarked that, "Her eyes are so sparkly!" She is a sparkler, all right. We can't wait to see Emma again. (Marianna wants to know when this summer she'll go to Michigan...not likely...)

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Anne said...

OHHHHHH..... maybe we need to look at next summer!!! Thanks for the post and the pictures. Emma still talks about Marianna as if they just finished talking with each other. She misses her. And I miss Marianna and her mom!