Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Say It Isn't So

It's not true. This isn't happening. It's all a dream. My sweet, firstborn baby (shown above, just last month) IS NOT graduating from high school tomorrow.

She HAS NOT been transformed overnight into a beautiful, talented, confident young woman. She does not have a driver's license or a facebook account. And she is MOST DEFINITELY not going away to college in 2 1/2 months.

Feel free to visit me in my new home state--DENIAL.

We love you, Lauren, and are so very proud of you!


Mom/Mimi said...


Much love,

Granddad and Mimi

thisoneisoriginal said...

Hi Barb!
It's your cousin Ellen. I just discovered your blog - very cool. Congrats to Lauren! Where is she going to school?
Did the girls actually drink tea? Mary, my Mom, and I took Carolyn and Rachel for tea for Carolyn's birthday a year and a half ago and the girls weren't thrilled with the tea. And those tiny sandwiches are more filling than you would think!
I think I have a taste for gingerbread cookies now.....
Please say hello to everyone and congrats to Lauren!

Barbara said...

Ellen: Hi! Lauren is going to VCU (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.) in Richmond to study photography. She's got her housing assignment and a roommate, but not the laptop so far.

Yes, the girls did drink tea. I'm planning to post about the party. We went for the works--fancy china, sandwiches, scones, and tiny desserts.

I passed on your congrats to Lauren. She still remembers your visit from years ago.

Love, Barbara