Friday, May 16, 2008

My Latest Excuse for Not Posting This Week

Tomorrow is Marianna's birthday tea party. We'll have eight girls here by noon, using the good china and enjoying tiny sandwiches and wraps, scones with cream and jam, and assorted little desserts, including a 6" cake decorated with sugared roses.

Getting ready for this is a lot of work, but it is the kind of work that is oh-so-fun! As of this moment, the table is half set. Other things on the "done" list include:
  • place cards made (silk flowers hot glued on)
  • gift buckets lined with tissue, ribbon and tags attached (more silk flowers)
  • lemon bars
  • tiny layer cake
  • raspberry bars
  • scone dough rolled and cut
  • gingerbread cookies made (to decorate and take home in the buckets)
Gosh, it seemed like I had gotten more done! Still on the "do" list:
  • finish setting table (wash some dishes, too)
  • bake brownies tomorrow
  • bake scones tomorrow
  • make sandwiches (cucumber, peanut butter)
  • make wraps (turkey, ham)
  • whip cream
  • lemon wedges, sugar cubes
  • flowers for table
  • color icing for cookies
  • decorate tiny cake
  • arrange cookie decorating on the island with waxed paper, icing, sprinkles, etc.
Aack! I have hired Lauren to be my assistant tomorrow--taking pictures, supervising gifts, helping with cookie time and arranging/serving courses. So, wish me luck. I know we'll all have a good time; I just hope I don't go too crazy getting ready for the good time.

By the way, the cup and saucer above were a birthday gift to Marianna from her godparents. Anne passed on these heirlooms (and a matching plate) that had belonged to her grandmother.


Mom/Mimi said...

Boy, I wish I could come. Not just to nibble on leftovers but to help set up and be the official photographer. What a wonderful 8th birthday celebration. :-)

Anne said...

I can't wait to see the results! Please post pictures when you can. And I do wish I could have been 'hired' to help out, take pictures and enjoy her tea party.