Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today's Schedule

Tuesdays are always busy, but this one is even more interesting than usual:

8:00 Start school (check!)
1:00 Art co-op here (not my week to teach, but we must tidy and clean, especially the art area, aka the kitchen table and island)
3:15 Violin lessons (Joe and Becca)
4:00 Haircut (me)
5:00 Pick up soccer (none of mine--part of a carpool)
5:30 Pick up lacrosse (David)
6:00 Irish step dance (Marianna's first class)
7:30 Sea Scouts (David)
8:00 Guitar lesson (Daniel)

Today's activities are all over northern Virginia, which is officially part of the second worst traffic area in the nation (LA is #1).
Bilocation? Not so much; Len will take half of this, starting with violin.
Dinner? Subs, made to order (probably during lunch or art) and eaten at home or on the road, as needed.

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