Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the Garden

In case you've been living under a rock, I'll let you know that Webkinz is the latest stuffed animal craze. Each one comes with a special code that you use to join an online site with games and activities (like decorating your pet's room or "buying" toys for it). Marianna received a white terrier for Christmas (Thanks, Mimi and Granddad!), and likes playing on the website and checking Snowy's status.

One of Marianna's favorite parts of the site is the garden she created for Snowy. She's often checking on the progress of her corn, watermelon, etc. This fun along with the example of a gardening neighbor inspired Marianna to ask for a flower garden.

Mom the distracted, non-commital procrastinator would have said, "Maybe," or "We'll see," but her devoted father (aka the man of action) made a plan. Friday they bought peat moss, seeds, and fencing materials (We have deer, deer, and more deer here.). They dug up grass and rocks, turned over the soil, and added peat moss.
The plot is ready, but planting is supposed to wait until all danger of frost has passed (April 15-May 1, depending on who you ask). While they wait, the fence will go up.
This is to be a cutting garden, providing flowers for vases for us, and, knowing Marianna, for many friends and neighbors as well!

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