Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Follow Up Photos

How are the room transformations going, you ask? We're almost done with all the sorting and moving; there's still one desk in the hallway. Lauren's room has undergone the biggest change. She painted it a lovely blue (which doesn't show up well here) and stencilled glossy black medallions on one wall. Len painted the ceiling, too, which really helped freshen things up. Note the coordinating (not matchy-matchy) comforter set.

Len has planted basil and parsley, and the chives are about to blossom. Here they are on the way. A fully open flower looks like a purple pom-pom. The blossoms are edible (but with a sharper onion-garlic flavor than the stems), and also last a long time in a vase. I'll get another photo when full bloom has been achieved.

Marianna's cutting garden was planted this weekend. Note the tiniest of brick pathways, leaving plenty of room for flowers. This is not a very sunny part of the yard, but hopefully she'll have some success anyway. Of course, the full anti-deer fence has also been installed.

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Anne said...

There are flowers on my blog for you...

Happy Mother's Day!