Tuesday, April 15, 2008


One of my favorite spring traditions is visiting the bluebells at Bull Run Park. Sometimes the whole family goes, but today it was just us homeschoolers. It was sunny but cool, a nice day to walk. The trail is easy but muddy (bluebells grow near creeks and flood plains), so we all wore boots (a lesson learned by experience!). My youngest blossoms:
I think I read somewhere (Please don't expect me to actually look it up; it's past my bedtime!) that this park has the largest stand of bluebells east of the Mississippi. Some years the blue haze seems to go on forever.

But it's not just about the flowers, of course. Flood and mud are part of the attraction!

Not that it's actually important to keep the water below the top of your boots! (We met friends at the park, and I must say that Joe was NOT the wettest child by the end of the outing, and MANY boots were filled up and poured out.)
Of course, life's not all rainbows and butterflies--Mom was a bit rough getting everyone packed up and out the door. There was some aggravation and yelling going on among the siblings, even at the park. But after the first hour, we all really did relax and enjoy our time together. That transforming power is just one of the wonders of God's beautiful creation. Happy spring!


Sue B. said...

Barbara, email me at Suefoxb@gmail.com. All three posts for the Loveliness Fair are wonderful. I will use whatever you want. In my plans, bluebells was what worked in my limited brain, but you have broadened my mind with your herb gardening.

Anonymous said...

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Jessica said...

I just love how the girls are sitting in the beautiful flowers, and the boys are knee deep in mud and water! What fun!

Mom/Mimi said...

Dear Barbie,
This entry reminds me of happy times among the beautiful blue lupines at Hunter Liggett in CA. Do you remember? The picture of Marianna and Rebecca is so like a photo of my little redheads - it really brought a smile.
I also remember Dad chasing down a little red sneaker that had fallen into a very fast moving, spring flooded little river.

Mom/Mimi said...

Mom/Mimi continued...
But I can't remember just how the little shoe got into the water. Maybe that is a good thing. :-)
Lots of love,

Elizabeth Foss said...

The wettest child has his boots all dried out and ready for Round 2. Hope we see you there:-)!