Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We've had a series of long-term houseguests this year. The first arrived in September, and the room shuffling began. Guest #1 left in November. A week later, guest #2 arrived, then #3 a few days later. More shuffling commenced. (Marianna slept on the playroom couch for 3 months!)

Our last guest left yesterday, months earlier than expected. At dinner we began the discussion of the room situation. Should we go back to the way it was (seemingly so long ago) or not? Many plans were proposed, and the final decision was reached by consensus before the meal was over: Lauren will move to the room at the top of the stairs. The double bed will move there (from the basement), so it will be a better guest room while she is at college. David will stay in the basement, but with a smaller bed and more storage in his tiny "room". Rebecca will move into the bottom bunk and share a room with Marianna. (She's been in my room since September, along with her bed, toys, and books.) Dan and Joe will be official roommates, and David's stuff will finally move out of the room they've been using.

So we're now undertaking this unexpected, big project. Lauren's new room is an ugly neutral color (made by mixing leftover gallons, as I recall...), so she will start painting it today. The work began last night: while Lauren looked at stencils online, we began moving furniture, emptying, and vacuuming the room.
Len removed pictures and zillions of fuse bead creations from the walls and spackled them, too.
It took two to six of us (at various stages) to move this beautiful (handmade by Len 16 years ago), bulky, and outrageously heavy (even without the drawers) bed down the curving stairs, out the front door, down the hill, and into the basement.
Lots of furniture is in limbo, awaiting final placement.

And there is still plenty to sort and organize as furniture and people are rearranged!
Last year over Easter break the whole family spent several days tearing up carpet, demolishing a wood floor, and moving furniture and books back and forth as we installed laminate flooring in four rooms.
This Easter we're making changes in all five bedrooms and majorly transforming one of them. I'm beginning to sense a theme . . . renewal, anyone?

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