Saturday, March 1, 2008

Marriage Mending/Marriage Maintenance

My walk with Dusty today was an enjoyable one in the sunshine (yay!) through the woods. I always pray for at least part of the way, and this morning's rosary was offered for a marriage in trouble, in fact, for all marriages having difficulties.

Later I stopped by Elizabeth's site and saw today's Lenten message, which really struck home:

Lent Day 22
Fast: Rise a little earlier and bring your husband breakfast in bed. (If it’s too late today, plan for tomorrow).
Pray: Move your wedding band to your right hand. Every time you notice the difference today, pray for your marriage. Listen to His answers.
Give: Plan a date night.

It is too late for breakfast here, but I've moved my wedding band, and it IS an effective reminder to pray for Len and our marriage. It's very noticeable. We've talked a few times this past week about picking a date night, but this right-handed ring will make sure I don't put off the planning again.

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