Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Let the Goo Times Roll

Is it science or recess? Monday we made cornstarch goo.
To one box of cornstarch (I keep an extra on hand now), add 1 1/2 cups of water. The official recipe calls for 15 drops of food coloring, but we don't use it.
Mix, squish, scrape, squeeze. Bury things. The goo is solid then liquid then solid then liquid then...
Even the teens had fun!

I forgot that I usually set this up on newspapers for easier cleanup--just roll and throw. I'm leery of putting all this down the drain, so I scraped most of it into the trash then rinsed everything outside. The floor splashes were vacuumed then wiped with a damp rag. Even a scary looking mess like this isn't hard to clean up.
And in the category of "great minds think alike", yesterday while visiting one of my favorite blogs, I found Margaret's post (2-26-08) about the same fun mess!


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Awesome photos, Barbara! I'll add this link to my post!

Dad said...

Hey Barbie,
Can I play too?
Love, Mom

Frau Nelson said...

I checked out Margaret's blog and I really liked her Oscar post. I laughed because I do the same thing (only I tape it and watch later - all the better to fast forward, lol)