Thursday, February 14, 2008

Crazy Busy

Also known as: It's Always Something.

Or maybe: What Did You Really Give Up for Lent?

We all have busy lives, but the pace here has been ratcheted up lately. Yesterday's list of ten "gotta do"s has TWO checkmarks. Okay, then...

So this morning, I'm lying in bed deciding whether or not I'm really going to crawl out at 5:45, because Thursday is a "short walk" day, so I don't HAVE to. Then I think maybe I'll get up now, take the dog out, and finally make the salt dough crown of thorns my kids want/expect/need/use every year. After all, Lent IS a week old already. Then I wonder why I haven't heard teen noises (yes, some get up before me). Did I sleep through showers and doors, or is it actually too quiet?

Get up. Wake them up. Yes, they're running a bit late.

So now it's: Make a lunch. Suggest the end of shower #1. Make two bagels. Get dressed. Make hot chocolate. Unlock a finicky car. Get another one out the door--insist on a coat. Meanwhile, Dusty is prancing and jumping (he really is cute) and following me everywhere. Is he begging for that ham sandwich or desperate to pee? Let's hope I don't find out...

None of this is rushed or panicky, but by the time we head out for our walk, 45 minutes are gone. The crown of thorns is postponed again.

This is how it's been lately. It's always something. I really am glad I got to help the teens this morning. Lots of days I don't do anything for them, and barely see them before school, so it feels great to do a little actual mothering. It's just that I didn't get to do what I had planned.

And that's where Lent comes in. Elizabeth has written more than once about how sometimes God chooses our penances, and they're not the ones we planned for ourselves. And Len has also encouraged me that doing what the family needs is better than doing what I want, even if what I want is very good.

So I try to let go and offer even the busy-ness to God. The checklist looks like I haven't accomplished much, but there's a lot more to family life than that list. If my attitude is right (loving, serving, patient, cheerful, or at least TRYING for all those), I will be offering something good. Time to try!

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Frau Nelson said...

You are amazing! I loved seeing the dinner stuff too, you guys really are an inspiration!