Friday, November 2, 2007

We Did It!

We did manage to say a full rosary every day during October! Rarely did the whole family recite together, but we really did work as a team to "get it done". It might have been different groups in separate cars, or homeschoolers starting during the day with the the rest joining for a few decades in the evening. In any case, everyone really pulled together to accomplish something logistically difficult.

I'm not sure what the future holds, but some are relieved that the month is over. For now we're going back to the more meditative daily decade using our scriptural rosary book. Some of us will keep saying our own individual rosaries. Maybe we'll get back to the whole thing someday.

Incidentally, that's how meatless Fridays started for our family. Years ago, I'd keep the tradition during Lent and then continue for a while after. Eventually the practice stretched to year-round. I don't think any of the children remember any other way.

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Anne said...

We always say the rosary on the way to Mass, as a family. Several of the priests at St. Tim's recommended it and we have done it for years. If we don't finish on the way there, we work on it on the way back and then in the house. It does keep the 'idle' chatter out and our focus on what we are going to do--Attend Mass! My kids know no other way to go to Mass.:)