Friday, November 9, 2007

Preschool is in the Bag

Preschool in a homeschooling family is full of tagalong experiences: "writing" like the big kids, playing with the math manipulatives, or watching science videos. But sometimes it's nice to have something that's just for the little one.

Rebecca keeps herself busy; she's not "in the way" of the work of the higher grades. She has an hour of "Sesame Street", and enjoys looking at books, working puzzles, and coloring/painting (It amazes me how she fills the WHOLE PAGE with color!). Although she's fairly independent, Becca will happily play games or work with anyone who makes time for her.

I've read over the years about preschool activity bags, and finally made a few. The idea is to fill a large (easy) zipper bag with one specific activity. Train your toddler, and the bag becomes a fun, independent, and educational project. There are ideas all over the internet, but here is a link to one idea-filled page. It includes links to more ideas.

Here are some samples of lacing bags that I've made.
I had some traditional sewing cards, but the holes were too small for Rebecca, so I made simpler ones with thin cardboard and a hole punch.

She decorated them herself, and caught on pretty quickly to the lacing technique.

This plastic needle is so thick that Becca can't really pull it through the plastic canvas herself. Maybe next year...

Here's what a single project bag looks like: easy zipper, see-through bag, all the supplies ready to go.

I'll try to get some pictures soon of other preschool ideas. Enjoy your toddler if you have one!


Pam said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I threw together a bag today with scissors and some colored paper with lines and shapes drawn on in marker. I was amazed how well Jamie can cut! She's already asking for more activity bags for our "homeschool preschool". This was as I was getting dinner ready so I had to promise them for later... Keep the great ideas coming.

Barbara said...

I do have some more bags I want to show and tell. Like you, I made a bag with lines drawn on paper, with a sticker at the end of the line. I was amazed, too, that Becca can really hold the scissors and cut! I'll try to post the other ideas soon. Meanwhile, check out the link.