Sunday, February 12, 2012

Being My Valentine--How I Know He Loves Me #5

As I've spent time celebrating how Len shows his love for me, acts of service keep coming to mind.  He is a handy, DIY guy, so many of the projects he undertakes could arguably be for the good of our family or home, or for his own satisfaction.  There are some, though, that are done for love of me.  A few examples:

When I saw an ad for a pantry door organizer, he bought and installed it.  For me.
We've been fostering Lauren's cat for over a year now.  Now that we've cat-proofed as best we can, life with Lucca has mellowed considerably.  The last real annoyance was the baby gate we were using to keep Dusty away from the litter box and Lucca's food.  It was a hassle to step over, and wasn't easy for the shortest people to open or climb over.  I make many trips through that door to the mud room and garage.

My darling built a gate.  It's shorter than the old one
 and has a latch easy enough for everyone to use.
This project benefited everyone, but I know who it was made for.  :-)

Then there's the gift of light.  Len bought and installed (it was tricky) it, including my favorite bit--
--the switch I can reach while snuggled under the covers.

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