Friday, February 18, 2011

Going to the Zoo

Today's forecast for Washington, DC:  high of 74 degrees, 10% chance of precipitation! 

Thanks to and a think-ahead friend, we're joining some other homeschoolers at the zoo today.  I'm guessing there won't be too many February field trips crowding the walkways . . .  :-)

My older children grew up with a Raffi soundtrack.  As they aged, we switched to mostly audio stories, so the younger ones have missed out.  As we planned today's trip, Raffi's "Going to the Zoo Tomorrow" kept playing in my head.  I found some old cassettes and the little girls started dancing.  I'll bet I know all the words to 4 or 5 albums' worth.

In case anyone else is old enough to feel nostalgic, here's the best I could find on YouTube on short notice.  It's a random family's zoo trip, and I didn't listen to the second song, but it was a treat for me to hear that oh-so-familiar voice singing about Mommy taking us to the zoo . . .

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Mary Chris said...

When the kids were little we frequently read the book that goes along with this song. It was a favorite!
We had a great day at the zoo with you! Let Joe know I have lots of good ape and lion face pics of him!