Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Viaggio Sicuro!

Len and I are flying to Rome on Sunday!  We'll spend four days there celebrating our 25th anniversary (coming in March), then travel to Paros to visit Lauren.  My parents will be here driving, cooking, cleaning, schooling, and spoiling.  ;-)

This trip is coming together quickly.  We didn't decide to go and start making plans until mid- to late-October, so right now life is CRAZY, trying to prepare ourselves and our family (school, groceries, to-do lists) while still working through our "normal" routine.

SO . . . posting here will be light or non-existent for the next few weeks.  ασφαλές ταξίδι!


Anne said...

Have a wonderful time, as if I have to tell you guys! I hope that you blog about it when you get back.


Mary said...

WoW! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy every moment my friend!! Can't wait to see the pictures!