Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Model Mom

Ouiz has a beautiful post reminding us that we moms are every day setting the stage for our children, teaching them what home is and who God is.

Some quotes:
By virtue of my office, I dictate what home is for ten people.

I'm not a master chef, and yet the way *I* cook is the way my children think things are supposed to taste.

The atmosphere I create here forms what my family considers to be home.

It covers much more than simple homemaking, however. Many, many times I have caught a glimpse of my children watching me as I pray, or read the Bible, or participate in Mass. What are they seeing in me? What sorts of lifelong perceptions of God have they formed in their heads because of my actions?

May the Lord repair what I've done badly, and may He bless all the good that has been done in this family!

Read her whole post here.

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