Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great News

I don't have much to say lately, but let me tell you about Lauren again...

  1. She's turned in her application, personal statement, and some photos to the Aegean Center. Please pray she is accepted into the fall program.
  2. Lauren has been hired to sell fireworks this summer. It will be an incredibly intense three weeks, and should provide fodder for plenty of fun stories!
  3. Best of all (so far--see #1), Lauren has landed an exciting internship with a studio photographer in Baltimore. A talented friend had a fabulous experience with Roy Cox, and mentioned the opportunity to Lauren. She'll save significant commuting time by spending a few nights a week at my sister's house.
My blog is not really turning into a kid-brag sheet (is it?)--it's just that right now some of their lives are more newsworthy than mine.

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