Saturday, April 17, 2010

Me and My House

Another in the infrequent series of family updates:
  • Inspired by Leila, I decluttered and dusted (!) the master bedroom. It's not perfect (laundry staging is still on the perimeter), but I've committed to keeping it nice for Len. I'm keeping the messies away--piles of hair holders, random papers, books I'm not reading, etc. While respect and affection for him was my inspiration, I'm enjoying the more peaceful place, too.
  • Len has arranged a short family canoe trip for tomorrow. Next week he'll be off for nearly a week of kayaking with like-minded boaters. He had a great time last year.
  • Lauren is busy with school work as well as plans for the summer and next school year. She's applied (for the fall) to a fabulous program in Greece. Her portfolio/personal statement will be turned in soon, and then the waiting begins. So many decisions about next semester can't be made until she gets word from the Aegean Center!
  • Tonight David is at the prom. His school is small enough to cruise the Potomac together, and another family is hosting the after-party at home. He looks so sharp in his black suit, black shirt, and white tie. :-) Accepted at every college he applied to, David is close to deciding where he'll be attending next year (probably in VA or MD).
  • I was so pleased to make a convenient orthodontist appointment for Daniel over our Easter break. Unfortunately, we had to cancel it in favor of our family hike in the Shenandoah. I doubt he'll get to the office until lacrosse season is over, so it's retainer wearing all day, every day for weeks to come.
  • The homeschoolers are glad to be playing soccer again; last fall was their first season. Joseph has moved up to the U15 team, joining all the friends he missed in the fall as a U12 (October birthday).
  • Marianna's Irish dance recital is coming up (the same weekend as David's graduation!), and she loves learning the steps of her piece. It's meant to be a surprise, so we're not allowed to see her practice. We made dinner together tonight: egg drop soup, stir-fried chicken and veggies, brown jasmine rice (the best rice ever!), and tin roof ice cream. The ice cream probably took the most time: preparing custard the night before, making and chilling the fudge ripple, coating peanuts with chocolate, freezing the custard, then stirring in the peanuts and layering it with ripple before freezing again. Of course, it was delicious...
  • Lately Rebecca has become Costume Girl. Princess outfits, dance skirts, capes, etc. are all fodder for her imaginative play. She has a few friends and asks daily to play with them, but is also able to entertain herself for hours, with very little, "What can I do now, Mommy?"
Now you know a tiny bit about each of us. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

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