Friday, March 12, 2010

In Conversation With God

This book (I own the Lent/Eastertide edition) is marvelous! Whenever I read it, I find myself underlining quotes or scribbling notes in a journal.

Today's topic is God's particular love for me and my response. It's a message I've heard frequently lately. Such timeless advice:

"The way we love God is shown in the way we live charity with those who are beside us in our day-to-day lives."

Duh. But it requires being mindful and prayerful to actually carry out. I am reminded of a long ago essay by Elizabeth, "It's All About Love."
Another stand-out quote for me today: "When we rise to repond to God's love, the obstacles disappear; on the other hand, without love even the tiniest difficulty sems insuperable. If there is union with the Lord, everything becomes tolerable."

Len and St. Francis de Sales both try to remind me that the annoyances of the day can be transformed (by my attitude towards them) into opportunities for growth, grace, and prayer. I haven't picked an inspirational word for the year, but maybe it should be mindfullness, by which I mean making conscious (and Godly) choices about my actions and attitudes. Hmmm....

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