Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Able Assistant

Yesterday as I was decorating gingerbread cookies for Bible study, Becca decided she wanted to help. Warm, wonderful, and welcoming (hah!) mother that I am, I said, "Sure! Hop right up here!" If only...

I had a cookie plan, and although it was proceeding slowly, it was proceeding MY way. I did not want a mess-maker or a helper who needed help or a companion who would cry when her artwork didn't meet her expectations (believe me, it's happened before).

Fortunately, child #6 is persistent. I succumbed, she washed her hands, pulled up a stool, and produced these:
No fuss, no complaints--just pleasant chatter and shared sprinklings. The child is five!
My design is less complicated, but it was surprisingly time consuming to get the sugar to completely cover the icing (inside, outside, on top). The end result was certainly bright!
Lesson learned? Maybe. I hope so.
Post script: Rebecca wanted everyone to see her cookies, but did not want them eaten at Bible study. Her solution? "How about if you take a picture and put it on your blog?" ;-)

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Mom/Mimi said...

WOW! I am so impressed - with all the cookies but Becca really exceeded all expectations and Barbie, I would have had the same thoughts as you did about having her help. In fact, I know I discouraged my children from helping at times for the same reasons and now I see what I missed. Ouch! Sniff, sniff...