Monday, January 11, 2010

Giddy with Delight

My little girl has a big camera!For some of next semester's courses, Lauren needs a digital SLR camera. Given that we would buy one, the question became more about how high a quality the equipment would be. Should she get a decent camera that would likely need to be replaced in several years, or an expensive, top-of-the-line model?

Her professors had no doubts--every one she asked named a specific, excellent camera. It costs more than her laptop did. Excuse me, the camera body is pricey. Lenses are extra!

After many discussions, we three (Len, Lauren, and I) all agreed that it is worth investing now in the equipment she will need in the long run.

On Saturday, Lauren invited Len to go with her to Store A to pick up the camera. Well, it turned into quite an expedition. The photo package was a good deal, but there were doubts about the suitability of the included lens. Time to check out Store B, where all the components were sold separately. Then home for processing...

Now we had to figure out which lens was best for Lauren right now. After more research (mostly online), at least three calls to the camera store guy, and plenty of discussion, Len and Lauren (it quickly got too technical for me) made a decision and picked up her new toy tool.I so enjoyed her pleasure. It made me happy to see her experimenting and sharing and showing off the camera: Check out the wide angle feature! Look at the quality of this low-light shot! The high def video is great! And in the midst of her excitement, Lauren let all the rest of us try it out (even Rebecca), which is not everyone's first instinct with a new, expensive piece of equipment.
Happy face!


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WOW! what a wonderful investment in her artistic future. Go Lauren. I can't wait to see the gallery show.