Friday, October 23, 2009


Remember when I mentioned that Rebecca is orderly, sometimes in the extreme? This is how she put away Candyland. Each character covers a stack of a single color of cards. I decluttered the front of the fridge and put up two sets of magnetic words. While not hugely popular, some alphabetizing and sentence creating has been going on.
Becca's "keyboard", complete with a space bar:My favorite message:On Tuesdays, after writing co-op, the children follow a "how to draw" video. The large group (15-ish), has already been sitting for more than hour, so sometimes they get a bit restless. We're sticking with it, though, figuring it's still an effective use of our together time.
Here's what Marianna drew at home after the first bird lesson:Another mom had asked for pictures for a nursing home, but didn't suggest a subject.

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