Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dragging Her Heels

I'm sure there's a lesson here somewhere.

After Joseph expressed interest, I registered the youngest three for our first season of homeschool soccer. We have many friends who participate, and the program is low-key and family friendly, meeting once a week for ten weeks, 1-3 p.m.

When I announced our sports plan, Marianna was not pleased, partly because she was afraid soccer would replace Irish dance. Her mood was easily improved. Unfortunately, tenacious Rebecca had picked up on the negative vibe. Over the past few weeks I've responded seemingly innumerable times to "Why?" or "I don't want to" or some variation thereof.

Today was the worst yet, with long bouts of weeping and screaming before lunch. I managed to calm the child, but then came the final straw...the shin guards. Apparently, they were, "ITCHY, ITCHY, ITCHY!" and brought on the kind of passion that looks like it could lead to vomitting. Yes, THAT intense about kicking a ball around for a few hours--good grief!

My one hope was that she'd be too embarrassed to create a similar scene in public, so on we went. Lo and behold, she was just fine. While not exactly perky, she was quiet and cooperative. By the end of the session, Becca was even smiling, and now she is totally on board.

So what's the lesson? While I don't create that level of drama, I DO resist doing what I ought, especially if it's something new or just a bit discomfiting. I kept wanting to tell Rebecca to just calm down and do what was required and open herself up to at least the POSSIBILITY of enjoying it. Wise words. Maybe I'll try them on myself sometime.

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