Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gone Paintin'

My sister's husband is in an Irish (rock?) band, and its last performance for a long while is tomorrow. As I heard it, the whistle player is going to grad school, which apparently is incompatible with rehearsals and late night pub playing. Or maybe he's going away to school; I don't know.

ANYWAY, since they know my David is interested in Irish music (among many other genres) and has never watched this particular band perform, K & D invited him to NY to do just that. Aren't they great?

David took the metro to the train to the shuttle to another train, and was picked up just a mile or two from my sister's new house. New for her, anyway--it's actually a rambling old place (with land) in need of MUCH work. My son will be earning his keep by stripping wallpaper, painting, and doing whatever else needs doing. He's big and strong, with computer and bike mechanic skills; I don't think they'll run out of work for him!

While we miss David, there was also some glee (especially from back seat riders) that his trip north is happening right now, because it means the NY portion of the family will be taking him to Saranac Lake. On Sunday we're driving to upstate NY (in the Adirondacks) to join my parents, siblings, and assorted cousins (33 people total!) for a week in a giant house. Without David we have just (just!) 13 people spread between two minivans (15 seats)...

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