Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coming Soon: Lent

Ash Wednesday is on Daniel's birthday again this year, which means my mom "celebrates" hers on Good Friday. Aren't they a fun pair?

Anyway, I'm hoping to get our Lent off to a good start. We'll continue many of our long-standing traditions: purple ribbons, wreath, crown of thorns, etc. You can read about these here.

If you haven't tried one yet, consider having a seder dinner for Passover this year. We usually have ours close to Holy Week, but not on Holy Thursday, because it's too hard to fit mass in otherwise. Read about our seders here and here.

This year I'm hoping to incorporate two new (for us) activities. I'm ordering a kit to make a Jesus tree (like a Jesse tree) banner that we can use and add to all season. The homeschoolers and I will also make an Easter Vigil notebook.

I love the Easter Vigil, but it can be too long for children. Last year I only took volunteers: Daniel served, and Joseph and Marianna joined me in the pews. We had a wonderful time (and went with the whole family again Easter morning), but I'd like us all to be more prepared. There's SO MUCH going on. I didn't see the notebook post (above) until just a few days before, so I made a note to myself to try it "next year". Now next year is here, and it's time for follow-through. We'll see!

What are you doing for Lent?

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