Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back, Then Forth Again

VCU had no classes for a few days, so Lauren came home for a long weekend. When she arrived Wednesday night, everyone ran outside to greet her ("Lorny, Lorny!"). She distributed thrift store finds (leftover from art projects) and showed us some of her work on the laptop.

Of course she spent time socializing with friends, but Lauren's homework load meant that she also stayed home for many hours each day. It was such a treat to wander by her room and chat a bit. Talking to her now is like getting to know her all over again; her life has changed so much.

She ventured forth again this morning, and it was a bit like an initial send off. The loading of the car (plenty of homemade food from Grammy and Costco food from Mommy). The multiple hugs and kisses. The waving from the driveway. Joseph ("I don't miss you!"), who was camping, WAS disappointed ("Darn!") to come home to find he had missed her departure.

Ah, but she'll be back.

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