Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hope for the Future

I know all siblings fight, but it can be so discouraging! Every now and then there is a particular pair of "oil and water" siblings. Not only do they bicker, they also criticize, tease, hit, argue, tattle, push, watch for "unfair" treatment, push each others' buttons, etc. Sometimes it brings me to great anger or tears (or both!). We've got one of these special sets in the house right now.

My wonderful husband encourages me that this sort of thing is normal and will fade. And I do try to coach charity, but it can seem to be a never-ending, losing battle.

Well, this weekend I saw some hope for the future--a previous "oil and water" pair who get along fine now. One asked the other for help, and it was given. There was no complaining or criticizing, and no hearts and flowers either--just ordinary, matter-of-fact cooperation.

Now that I think about it, I noticed this on Sunday, the Joyful Sunday of Advent (pink candle). Christ is getting closer, the light is getting brighter, and our hope and joy are growing as well.

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